Who can apply?

The aim of the project is to give excellent master students with a degree in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), business management and economy the opportunity to apply for a PhD work in Data Science.

The program is open for students with a master degree from a university or a university of applied sciences. PhD students with a master degree from a university of applied sciences will have to fulfill the convergence process that is prescribed by the respective university faculty.


How to apply

In the first step an interested student has to find a co-supervisor at ZHAW or SUPSI. The PhD candidate writes a synopsis (3-5 pages) about the planed PhD project including:

  • Project description containing state of the art in the respective research field, relevant literature, and the scientific problem that will be tackled by the PhD work
  • Time plan and financial plan for the PhD
  • Responsible institution (institute or center) at the University of Applied Sciences where the PhD work will be conducted
  • Favored university professor (name of professor, institute, university), who shall be the main PhD supervisor
  • Detailed description of the collaboration in the PhD project between the University of Applied Sciences and the university partner
  • Intended PhD program at the university.

The application form can be downloaded here.

The PhD candidate will send the synopsis, his/her CV and an application form to the coordinator of the PhD network. The coordinator will formally approve the documents and send them to the respective commission. The commission will decide about the co-supervisor and the PhD candidate and if accepted recommend the candidate and co-supervisors to the PhD program. In the next step the PhD candidate will apply with the recommendation of the commission to the PhD program at the respective university.


PhD programs at UZH

At the University of Zurich, the «Promotionsordnung für die Promotion an der Mathematisch-naturwissenschaftlichen Fakultät», the «Promotionsordnung über das Doktorat in Wirtschaftswissenschaften an der Wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen Fakultät», the «Promotionsverordnung der Philosophischen Fakultät» apply, repectively. Recommended PhD programs at UZH for students in the PhD Network of Data Science are:

  • Recommended: PhD Programme in Data Science
  • Computational Science
  • Geography/Earth System Sciences
  • Doctoral Program in Economics
  • Doctoral Program in Informatics
  • Computational Linguistics.