Program Coordination

Program Coordinator
Prof. Dr. Dirk Wilhelm (ZHAW) Numerical Mathematics, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Deputy Program Coordinator
Dr. Helmut Grabner (ZHAW) Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision

ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences

School of Engineering
Prof. Dr. Mathias Bonmarin Medical devices, thermal imaging, infrared sensors
Prof. Dr. Martin Braschler Information Retrieval
Prof. Dr. Mark Cieliebak Text Mining, Social Media, Data Mining
Dr. Gürkan Gür Information Security
Prof. Dr. Christoph Heitz Data-based Services, Data Ethics, Data-Based Decision Support in Business Contexts
Prof. Dr. Rudolf Marcel Füchslin complex system modeling, evolutionary methods
Prof. Dr. Beate Sick Ensemble Methods for High-Dimensional Data, Deep Learning, Biostatistics
Dr. Josef Spillner Cloud-Native Applications, Service Tooling, Cloud Accounting and Billing
Prof. Dr. Kurt Stockinger Big Data, Data Warehousing, Natural Language Query Processing
Prof. Dr. Hans Wernher van de Venn Mechatronics

School of Management and Law
Prof. Dr. Regina Betz Energy and Environmental Economics
Dr. Andrea Maria Günster Applied Microeconomics, Microeconometrics, Industrial Economics, Competition Policy

Departement of Life Sciences and Facility Management
Dr. Maria Anisimova Applied Bioinformatics, Computational Evolutionary Genomics
Prof. Dr. Sven Hirsch Biomedical Modeling and Simulation, Medical Imaging, Foresight Methods
Prof. Dr. Patrick Laube Geographic Information Science (GIScience), spatio-temporal GIS, movement analysis
Prof. Dr. Thomas Ott Bio-inspired Computing, Applied Neuroinformatics (Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning), Modelling of Complex Systems

UZH University of Zurich

Faculty of Science
Prof. Dr. Torsten Hothorn Biostatistics, Computational Statistics
Prof. Dr. Vartan Kurtcuoglu Computational Physiology, Medical Image Computing, Biomedical Modeling
Prof. Dr. Ross Purves Geographic Information Retrieval, Modelling of Geographic Information associated with Uncertainty, Modelling of Environmental Processes

Institute of Molecular Life Sciences
Prof. Dr. Christian von Mering Bioinformatics, Systems Biology

Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics
Prof. Dr. Abraham Bernstein Semantic Web, Machine Learning, Data Mining
Prof. Dr. Anikó Hannák Algorithmic Auditing Systems, Fairness in Algorithmically-aided Systems, Ethics and Validity of Digital Trace Data
Prof. Dr. Davide Scaramuzza Robotics, Computer Vision, Navigation of Micro Drones
Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schwabe Collaborative Technologies, Bank IT and IM, E-Government
Prof. Dr. Sven Seuken Market Design; Artificial Intelligence; Economics and Computation
Prof. Dr. Burkhard Stiller Communication Systems

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Prof. Dr. Katharina Michaelowa Development Studies, Public Choice, Economics of Aid, International Climate Policy
Prof. Dr. Martin Volk Language Technology, Machine Translation, Digital Humanities

UNINE University of Neuchâtel

Faculty of Science
Prof. Dr. Daniel Croll Evolutionary Genetics
Prof. Dr. Peter Kropf Cloud and Large Scale Computing, Wireless and Sensor Networking, Modelling and Simulation Applications
Prof. Dr. Jacques Savoy Computational Linguistics, Natural Language Processing, Web Information Retrieval Systems
Dr. Valerio Schiavoni Coordinator for the Competence Centre in Complex Systems and Big Data

SUPSI University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland

Departement of Innovative Technologies
Dr. Francesca D. Faraci Biomedical Advanced Data Analysis, Statistical Data Processing, Multivariate Analysis
Prof. Dr. Luca Maria Gambardella Artificial Intelligence, Operational Research and IT, Autonomous Devices/Robotics

UNIBE University of Berne

Institute of Computer Science
Prof. Dr. Paolo Favaro Computer Vision, Computational Photography, Machine Learning

UNIBAS University of Basel

Department of Biomedical Engineering
Prof. Dr. Alexander Navarini Digital Dermatology